About Us

Famed Jewelry designer for television, celebrities and the Hollywood elite including American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, Julia Roberts, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Miranda Lambert, Pat Benetar, Heather Locklear, Steven Tyler, Jordan Sparks, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and many others including the recent additions of Blake Shelton and Katy Perry, Carol Lynn has also been offered to showcase her Jewelry at OSCAR night, “an evening at the Academy Awards”. Carol Lynn has been designing some of the newest styled and most sought-after jewelry for the most discriminating artists and stylist talent in the world including her longtime friendship and professional association with EMMY winning Hollywood stylist Soyon An. For more than 7 years running, the final weeks of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance contestants can be frequently seen wearing many of Carol Lynn’s original designs and now, Carol Lynn proudly brings her world famous designs to The Voice! Her cutting edge designs have won the world’s praise for many years now and won Carol Lynn the respect of both Hollywood’s elite and television audiences worldwide.

Carol Lynn also designs specialty items including jeweled foot wear, picture frames and many other specialty items ALL bearing her logo and “personal design touch and supervision” Her cutting and leading edge designs are well known to both capture a constant “fresh” and youthful appeal globally with an often “goth” lean in her necklaces for both men and women. Carol Lynn also represents an often “soft” and elegant look to her styles as well, always using hand made designs with high quality Crystal including famed Swarovski Elements (as a registered Swarovski Elements Designer) and also sometimes including acid dipped sterling chains. Featured in many publications and periodicals worldwide and viewed by tens of millions, Carol Lynn Designs continue to please both audiences and customers globally.

Recently Carol Lynn partnered with jewelry manufacturing and legal expert James Dorcy, notable musical artist and founder of RADCO Music Group (which includes Carol Lynn Designs) Rick DePiro, Industry executive and expert Pamela DePiro,  marketing and sales expert Brenda Patterson to replicate and market her designs at an especially affordable price on a wide scale effort without compromising design quality AND as of late 2013, has now partnered with the PLAY MUSIC-ENJOY LIFE! piano series program for Music and Wellness contributing a large percentage of ALL TV and Web sales to help the afflicted experience some additional Hope and a weekly “escape”!

Through a ground breaking technique and curriculum for Music and Wellness lessons on piano, the PLAY MUSIC-ENJOY LIFE! program,  a non-profit corporation, proudly offers the wonder of an easy and fun method of music making to the afflicted. These donated lessons are graciously given to Cancer Survivors Alzheimers patients, MS sufferers AND  their Caregivers and to others afflicted with serious illness as well.

Together, this great team at Carol Lynn Designs has arranged for Carol Lynn’s (along with her famous jewelry) to be seen and interviewed on National TV, replicated and made both internationally AND in America and purchased at not only a reasonable price with great quality but also where each and every purchase helps donate and contribute those who need it most!

In recent interviews, Carol Lynn has mentioned that she is again enjoying showcasing her new jewelry designs on this seasons’ American Idol, The Voice and So You Think You Can Dance. Carol Lynn Designed Jewelry can also be seen at high-end model and fashion sites and boutiques worldwide.

Carol Lynn lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband Jim and their 4 sons.